QueueMaster – Assembled in the USA

The QueueMaster stanchion by Queue Solutions is one of the best economy stanchions out there right now. This product comes with all of the standard safety features that other leading  brands boast, including braking technology, locking belts, stainless steel construction, dent and scratch resistant materials, nylon belts, and rubber floor protectors.

The QueueMaster, however, sets itself apart in one significant way that most other economy brands do not. Every QueueMaster post that leaves the Queue Solutions factory in Long Island undergoes the following quality inspection process:

  • Post 1 screwed in to base 1 to check fit
  • Post 1 screwed into base 2 to check fit
  • Post 2 screwed into base 1 to check fit
  • Post 2 screwed into base 2 to check fit
  • Floor protector checked for correct fitting
  • Belt extension and retraction checked
  • For belt colors other than black – belt is cut to length, end loop is stitched, belt end fitted, completed belt wound onto the cassette, cassette fitted into the post
  • All customization, belt printing, powder coating etc. is done locally, then the product is re-assembled
  • Carton is resealed
  • Label applied

Most other economy brands are sold on a “box in box out” basis, meaning the US supplier ships the product “as is” without any inspection of quality or assembly.
This lack of attention exposes the user to
whatever quality is produced by the Chinese factory.

For this reason, Queue Solutions has recently attached the “Assembled in the US” logo to the product, and has suggested that all vendors (like us) do the same. Now that’s quality in economy!