Honoring the Life of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch post-Impressionist painter, died on July 29, 1890. We doubt our attempts at humor will ever match those that Van Gogh made on art, but we felt we must try! This one was thought up by our museum specialist…

LineLogic Puts the Post is Post-Impressionism

LineLogic Puts the Post in Post-Impressionism


  • maria cristina carias says:

    Good try but Van Gogh is too great to even think of adding anything

    • LineLogic says:

      Maria, we appreciate your input, and you are not alone in your opinion. We sparked a lively conversation on this issue on LinkedIn. We hope you understand, however, that we were simply using the painting as a medium for a little bit of laughter and conversation regarding crowd control. We meant no disrespect. Thanks again for your comment!

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