Tips for Transferring Your Crowd Control Equipment

Having trouble moving or storing your crowd control system? While the equipment is necessary for your business, we understand that it can often be cumbersome, and without the proper appendages, storage and transport can be quite challenging.

That’s why LineLogic and our partner manufacturers offer a number of different products designed to increase ease of storage and transport. Check out the following products and determine what’s best for your operation:

The Storage Cart is a great option for moving and storing a lot of equipment at once. This heavy-duty compact cart holds up to 18 posts and is designed to maximize storage space. The Storage Cart also ensures that your crowd control system will remain securely in place when on the move.

In terms of moving individual posts and stanchions, there are a number of options available. The Post Runner Dolly is a great option for those who do not want to buy a new apparatus. Simply attach the dolly to any crowd control post with a base diameter between 11.5”-16”, and transport your existing equipment effortlessly.

Storage cart

Storage Cart

post runner dolly

Post Runner Dolly

The RollerPro by Queue Solutions is another alternative. This stanchion is equipped with a built-in 4.5” wheel designed for fast and easy maneuvering, and it comes with a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Similar to the RollerPro, the Rollabarrier by Tensabarrier has built in transfer capabilities. This post comes with two built-in wheels, and has an additional stacking feature, allowing for easy deployment and compact storage (50% less than a standard post).

RollerPro by Queue Solutions

RollerPro by Queue Solutions

Rollabarrier by Tensabarrier

Rollabarrier by Tensabarrier

With the right equipment it’s entirely possible to maximize space in your storage area and eliminate a lot of hassle. For more information on storage and transport, feel free to contact one of our crowd experts today.