Sound Cannon Considered “Less-Than-Lethal Crowd Control Weapon”

The Sound Cannon is a type of Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) that is now being used by authorities in multiple cities at events across the country to disperse protesters in unwarranted areas. This machine has sparked significant controversy as the opposition has claimed it can cause permanent hearing loss, and in more severe cases,… Read More

Wallenda Walk Raises Crowd Control Concerns

Guinness World Record setter Nik Wallenda is the seventh generation of the legendary Great Wallendas, a German family of daredevils who won worldwide recognition through their sky high performances with circus greats like the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. His latest stunt – a tightrope walk across Niagara Falls – has recently been… Read More

LineLogic Celebrates International Museum Day

Today, May 18th, is International Museum day (IMD2012). Since 1977,  museums across the planet have participated in this truly remarkable event in order to increase public awareness of the role of these institutions in our developing society. The theme for this year is “Museums in a Changing World. New challenges, New inspirations,” and the celebration… Read More

Economy Crowd Control from QueueWay

Unfortunately the term “economy brand” has somehow become synonymous with “cheap” in today’s consumer economy. While we can’t say this is untrue for every economy brand out there, we can certainly say it is not the case regarding the crowd control equipment manufactured by QueueWay. QueueWay offers retractable belt stanchions, classic rope posts, wall mounted… Read More

Why the Line Next to You is Not Moving Faster

You know when you’re in a supermarket or department store and you’re deciding which line to choose? It’s always the same sad story. You finally pick, then you switch, switch back, and then wish you’d stayed in the other line. Well, Bill Hammack, aka “the Engineer Guy,” advises shoppers to leave it up to the… Read More


Disney World – The Crowd Control Capital of the World

In an age where information is given to us faster than we can absorb it, our patience has grown thin. When we want something, we want it instantly, and if we have to wait, we better be occupied. That’s why crowd control and line management improvement should be a top priority for any business that… Read More

LineLogic Now Offers CrowdStopper Barricade

The crowd control experts at LineLogic have just added a top of the line CrowdStopper barricade to their expansive catalog of line management equipment. Commonly known as a bike rack barricade, the CrowdStopper is most often used to control large groups of people at special events, festivals, and parades. Designed for maximum security and high… Read More

Custom Crowd Control Comes to the UGG Store in Manhattan.

As shoppers wait outside of the UGG store in Manhattan to buy their new UGG footwear, the people passing by can see something that brings added value to the UGG brand, customized crowd control and a large queue. Most people would just assume big brand in big cities are all using customized crowd control but… Read More

What Add-Ons for Crowd Control Stanchions are Available?

As an owner of a crowd control system for your organization or business or a potential investor in one, you might be thinking to yourself what else besides the actual stanchions and rope are out there to go with my system. For every type of stanchion made there are additional items in which can be… Read More