Which stanchion posts can connect to my existing stanchions?

This stanchion connection question is a frequently asked at LineLogic. We would always suggest staying with what manufacturer you currently have within your crowd control system, but sometimes either because of cost or a new look, you might find yourself shopping for a new system to go with the old system.

LineLogic has always helped every customer when choosing a new or additional queue system. Now if you have ever connected a belt barrier to another queue you might notice the belt ends are a little different. This is because each manufacturer has a different belt end to go along with their connecting post. When you look at the classic rope and stanchion system you can see that every post can interchange every rope. This isn’t a major problem from switching for one manufacturer to another or buying some stanchions from one and a colored rope or two from another. When you look at the belt ends it is a little different.

(All belt ends are photographed upside-down with there bottom on top so you can see how they are constructed better.)

When you take a look at the Lawrence belt ends. It has a slot in which will slide into the connecting post. Now all posts have 3 connecting sides and one belt end side, so the Lawrence post is no different. This post can be connected to the Lavi post by sliding the whole end into the Lavi channel. It can be connected to a QueueWay post by sliding down similar to its native Lawrence post, or sliding down into a Visiontron Post system through its middle slot.








The Lavi belt end looks similar to the Lawrence belt end. The Lavi belt slides fully into the Lavi Post Channels. Seeing as they also have a slot on them they can be slid into a Visiontron or a Lawrence post. It can also connect easily with the slot to a QueueWay post so if you currently have any of those posts or systems you can bring in a Lavi post into the equation.









When looking at the Visiontron belt ends you can see something that is a little different than the Lawrence or Lavi belt ends. The Visiontron end has a red bottom piece that can be pushed in to lock and pulled out with the sides to unlock. This makes it so when it is connected to a Visiontron post it can be locked in so nobody can just lift up on the belt end to remove it or to walk under the belt. When connecting it to a Lawrence or QueueWay post you must keep the red lock unlocked. When using it with a Lavi post you can just slide the piece into the post with it unlocked also. The lock is a special feature, which works solely with its own brand.







The QueueWay system works similar to the Visiontron system in the fact that it also has a lock on it. This lock turns in a circle to fully lock the QueueWay system within its own stanchions. This system can also work with a Visiontron system but with the lock being unlocked. It can also slide into a Lawrence post without being locked. This system will not work with a Lavi post in the fact that it has no lip in which to slide into a Lavi channel. This is a system that can only work with a sliding belt end system








When choosing each belt please give us at call at 1-888-404-7892 or email sales@linelogic.com with any questions you might have before purchasing any crowd control barriers from our LineLogic site. We will be happy to talk with you about what barriers you currently own and what options you can go with including colors, finishes, or if you are looking to get a quality barrier at a lower price. We can see what we can do about finding you the most cost effective system for your organization or business.