LineLogic Now Offers CrowdStopper Barricade

Crowdstopper bike rack barricade

The crowd control experts at LineLogic have just added a top of the line CrowdStopper barricade to their expansive catalog of line management equipment.

Commonly known as a bike rack barricade, the CrowdStopper is most often used to control large groups of people at special events, festivals, and parades. Designed for maximum security and high efficiency, this multiple use barrier is a staple at many stadiums, arenas, and convention centers.

The CrowdStopper is available in two different models: the GS01 and GS02, which differ only in weight and foot style. The GS01 weighs 43 pounds, and is styled with the bridge foot, making it ideal for use on grass, soft, or uneven surfaces. The GS02 weighs just one pound more and has a flat foot, optimal for indoor use. The flat foot design greatly reduces tripping hazards and allows the barricades to be anchored to the ground as well.

CrowdStoppers are available in four attractive colors – steel, powder-coated black, orange, and green, so it’s easy to find a system that matches your venue or event. The barricades connect to one another easily, and may also connect to your existing equipment.

To protect your barricades from prolonged exposure to the elements, vinyl covers are also available. If you’re interested in branding your covers, the crowd engineers at LineLogic would be happy to put together a free mockup before you order.

For more information on how to keep your crowds safe, feel free to call the experts at LineLogic Today, 888.404.7892.