Screenflex Portable Room Dividers

Typically we equate the term “spatial limitations” with not enough space. Too frequently, however, businesses are bogged down by their inability to control the space they do have. With portable room dividers by Screenflex, this should never be a problem.

These heavy-duty room dividers are constructed using fabric covered, sound absorbing, tackable panels that are designed with steel frames and hinged from top to bottom. The panel sets are mounted to welded steel end frames and have sturdy casters for extreme stability. All models are available in four different colors – charcoal, lake, rose and stone. The two economy models are available in four colors as well – charcoal, light gray, mist blue and tan.

Most commonly, these dividers are used in arenas, hotels, churches, exhibit showrooms, casinos and offices. However, the options are really endless.

Say your school is in the middle of a construction project and the classrooms are temporarily unavailable. The most open, available space is the gymnasium, and with these portable partitions, it takes moments to turn an empty gymnasium into as many temporary classrooms as needed.

screenflex temporary classroomscreenflex temporary classroom 2


Or say you’ve overbooked at your convention center. You’ve got two clients giving seminars, each with hundreds of guests. Fear not – room dividers with acoustical panels will ensure that both conferences appear secluded without any noise traveling between them.

screenflex conference 1screenflex conference 2


Maybe you need cubicles because your company is outgrowing its current location. Although this is a great problem to have, you still need the space while your move or renovation takes place. Room dividers work great for cube farms as they separate departments and keep sounds within.

screenflex office 1screenflex office 2


Freestanding, portable, acoustical, tackable, attractive and sturdy – room dividers are a great option for any business. Don’t let open space confine you. Operate with the same level of professionalism as always while moving or renovating, and take advantage of the opportunities available with these room dividers immediately. Consult our team today!