Customer Testimonial: LineLogic Hails the Hog

While a lot of the material for this blog is industry-focused with a B2B-minded voice, and some consider that to be “boring,” there’s a lot of really fun stuff we do too! Our team is always looking to spice things up and make crowd control a fun experience for everyone involved.

Back in March, a woman named Karen Martin contacted us about purchasing some custom stanchions with purple ropes for displaying her hog at a show in Indiana. She really wanted something that would complement her cherished chopper, so we made sure to hook it up for her.


Because we didn’t have the exact color she needed on hand, we had Karen send us a few pictures of her bike, and then we matched it up, and had some ropes ordered. We wanted it to be perfect for her, and we believe she was pretty pleased, but you can judge that yourself.

Below is the letter Ms. Martin sent to Justin Schoen, the Account Executive from our team who assisted her with the rope setup:

Dear Justin -

Well first of all I want to THANK YOU!! You went above and beyond in your service and dedication.
Second of all, tell your Boss I said you need a raise. Don’t laugh, I’m serious – you are an asset to the company.

I received the FedEx package at 8:28 this morning. I was excited to open the box to see the color.
WOW…I couldn’t believe it…WOW… it was perfect!!!!! I’m very particular in matching colors. I
couldn’t have picked a better match! Simply perfect!

Thank You so Much -
Sincerely -
Karen Martin

Our purpose in posting this is to tell you, our current customers – and hopefully some future customers – that we are here to work for you. Whatever you need, we will do everything in our power to try and get it done for you. That’s how we roll over here at LineLogic – our customer comes first, always.

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  • Brittany Whyte says:


    I am hoping to receive a sample of a purple velvet rope, so that we can make a decision for the grand opening of one of our venues. Is this possible? We will return the sample, and if all goes well, we will need to place a large order. Please get back to me ASAP. My direct line is 212.420.9420. Thank you.

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