Poker: Interactive Game or Spectator Sport?

Remember when poker was all the rage a few years ago? All of your buddies were playing online, or getting together to play at a friends house. You’d each throw in 10 bucks, and although only one would go home with more money, you’d all end the night a bit richer in good times.

While many believe that the allure of this every man’s game has died down, there are still those diehards who love to play the game today. An even greater number, it seems,  have grown a fondness for watching. Think about the World Series of Poker and all the games televised weekly.

At Encore Club in Portland, Oregon, poker is the business; both for playing and watching. In addition to the tables, there’s a bar and lounge as well, and many of the customers come to simply watch the players contend.

encore casino area

When the owner of Encore realized that the rise in his club’s attendance was largely coming from those showing up to watch, he consulted LineLogic to explore some equipment options. He wanted something he could use as a sort of separation barrier, but also wanted to be sure that it wouldn’t take anything away from the club’s ambiance.

After discussing it with one of our account executives, he decided to go with the 30-foot Visiontron Retracta-Belt Wall Mount Unit seen below, and he told us he couldn’t be happier with it.

live pic from Encore Poker Club

Not only has it separated the players from the spectators, but it has also added a bit of elegance to the club’s atmosphere. Marketed as a “Casino Style Poker Room,” red belts and ropes seem to be the ultimate compliment.