New Product: PVC Vinyl-Coated CrowdStoppers

PVC Vinyl-Coated Barricade

Here at LineLogic we pride ourselves on remaining at the cusp of the crowd control industry. Having an edge on our competitors, leading with unique sales strategies, carrying high-quality equipment, and providing relevant, thought provoking content for our customers – it’s just what we do.

That’s why we’re excited to offer you the latest release in the crowd control product circuit – the PVC Vinyl-Coated CrowdStopper Barricade. Commonly known as “bike rack barricades,” these heavy-duty outdoor barriers are designed for maximum security, making them an absolute essential at special events, festivals, and parades.

Signature Systems Group, the leading manufacturer of this equipment, has introduced this product because vinyl coating is a superior alternative to other methods of coating steel, such as powder coating – which flakes and rubs off easily.

Hot-dipped and galvanized, these barricades are now fully protected against rust, chipping, tarnishing, color wearing, and so forth. With typical powder-coating, a resistance like this cannot be guaranteed.

The barricade is put through a dip-molding process that forms a smooth, protective, and wear-resistant coating over the solid carbon steel base. Offered in black and orange, with excellent stability, this is only an upgrade on what was already a crowd control essential.

The Vinyl-coated barriers will still be offered in two models: the GS01 and GS02, which differ only in weight and foot style (both hook together perfectly). The GS01 weighs 43 pounds, and is styled with the bridge foot, making it ideal for use on grass, soft, or uneven surfaces. The GS02 weighs just one pound more and has a flat foot, optimal for indoor use. The flat foot design greatly reduces tripping hazards and allows the barricades to be anchored to the ground as well.

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