Nike Reacts to Issues Stemming from Release Practices

Nike Shoe release in Orlando

Nike shoes are a hot item. Have been for a long time. Part of what makes them so desirable among followers is their limited availability when a new shoe is released. That, in addition to the midnight camp out routine that’s seminal for their new releases.

It’s this very hype that in the past has led to crowd control issues at a number of different retail outlets. Violent situations at malls in Seattle and Orlando in recent years have led to arrests and the use of pepper spray by local law enforcement.

Because of this, the sneaker behemoth is toning down the buildup for their releases. How? Well, for one, they’re pushing back the door time to 8 a.m. Eliminating a camp out situation will quell the possibility of restlessness building overnight. It’s also likely that some of the problems occurring while it’s dark will be easier to control, or less likely altogether, during daylight hours.

Orlando nike riot

Nike has also told retailers like Foot Locker, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Finish Line, that they will no longer be able to presell the shoes or market any pictures of the products before the release dates. This too, in an effort to lessen excitement about the shoes.

Sneaker enthusiasts will still be able to reserve a pair if they keep their eyes glued to their Twitter Feeds. In April, Nike instituted a social media practice where they randomly announce new releases on the company’s Twitter account, and if a direct message is sent within 60 minutes, the consumer will have a chance to reserve a pair for pickup the next day.

Newest crowd control technique: social media. Killer idea, Nike!