Exploring Wall Mount Versatility with Visiontron

Small, light, and transportable, wall mount units eliminate almost every concern people commonly have about crowd control equipment. Though all too frequently, these systems are overlooked by operations managers, as they are unaware of all of the benefits and possibilities offered by their usage.

Frequently employed in retail outlets, the warehousing industry, and in maintenance and safety applications, the advantages are many. Take a look at how wall mounts are utilized in these particular industries:

Visiontron Wall Mount Borchure

Picture Courtesy of Visiontron Corp.

Maintenance Applications

Wall mount units are great for restroom cleaning and repair. Just throw a head on the maintenance cart and attach it when you’re ready to clean. This is a much safer alternative to placing a warning cone or sign in front of the door.

If you don’t want to attach mount plates around the facility, there are other temporary options as well. Magnet mounting plates, velcro, and suction cups are all solid options that will make your system temporary and easily transportable.

Warehouse & Safety Applications

Wall mounts improve communication in warehouses by demarcating traffic routes, alerting employees to dangerous areas, blocking machinery, and preventing access to aisles when forklifts are in operation.

Whether you want a belt with a standard safety color or pattern, or you’re looking for a cautionary message, there are several options, including customizable belts.

Retail Applications

If you need to close a register or entrance temporarily, wall mounts work great as you can start and end them wherever you like. If you wish to keep it simple, use the velcro, suction, or magnet options in place of screw-in wall plates.

Where to Purchase Wall Mounts

From us, of course! And for this particular product, we’d like to highlight Visiontron Corp., as we believe they manufacture a quality product at a reasonable price.

Family owned and operated since 1964, Visiontron Corp. manufactures and assembles all of their products in the USA. In addition, they are constantly evaluating their manufacturing methods to be sure their practices are eco-friendly. Visit their website to read more on their environmental efforts and overall mission.