LineLogic Equips Avengers Booth at San Diego Comic-Con

Comic Con PMG Gallery

Promoguys Marketing Group (PMG) is a leading brand developer with a client base including big names like MTV, NBC, Vogue, Allure, Marvel, and many many more. Some of their most recent work for Marvel involved outfitting the Avengers booth for the San Diego Comic-Con back in July.

Even if you’re not a proclaimed comic nerd, these conventions are pretty darn cool, and there’s always a huge turnout, so Marvel knew they’d need some crowd control and line management equipment to protect their display and form lines around it.

When they expressed that desire to PMG, one of their representatives got in touch with our sales team and we outfitted their booth with 36 QueuePro Stanchions from Queue Solutions.

You can see the stanchions in action in the picture below, and for more great pics from the event, click here!

QueuePro in Action at SDCC

We really enjoyed working with PMG, and hope to do business with them again in future!