Branded Viper Belts at Dealership in Austin, TX

Dodge Vipers at Nyle Maxwell Austin, Tx

Nyle Maxwell is a family of dealerships in Central Texas. At their Dodge Supercenter in Austin, there are two beautiful Vipers showcased on the floor. Though the cars are there for customers to enjoy, they also want to be sure that a certain distance is kept so the cars remain safe.

When Trey Maxwell called us for a solution, our Sales Rep suggested he try a simple rectangular pattern with traditional retractable belt barriers. After running through some options, Maxwell decided on purchasing the Queue Solutions QueueMasters seen in the picture above.

After picking out the stanchions, Trey mentioned he was hoping to explore some branding opportunities. The cars look fabulous on their own, but he already needed the stanchions, and adding branded belts would only complement the vehicle and add to the ambiance. He also realized that throwing their name on there would provide a subtle callout for the business.

So we sent the request to our Art Director, who put together a mockup, and then sent the design to print. We love the way they turned out, and so does Maxwell. Just the other day, he sent us the picture seen above, and we wanted to share it with you!

Nyle Maxwell Viper Belt Mockup

Closeup of the Viper Belts

It’s almost impossible to ignore the benefits of branding, when you see them in action like this! If customizing your crowd control equipment is something you’d like to explore, just visit our Customized Belts page, or call one of our crowd engineers at 888.404.7892.