Ready or Not, Here They Come: 7 Tips for a Safer, Smarter Black Friday Sale


It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Two days to go until Black Friday. While many of us will hit the bars tonight, many others will hit their beds, seeking one last night of solid rest before they tackle the stores late Thursday night and early Friday morning. Some have actually begun staking their posts already.

Things could get crazy. They always do. So here are 7 tips for a safer, smarter sale on Friday.

Tip #1: Place crowd barriers in front of all entrances, and when the doors open, remove them with the help of law enforcement to be sure no one is trampled. To ease crowd flow, be sure there’s enough space left between the barriers and the doors.

Tip #2: Allow only groups of people to enter at one time. Inform remaining customers of wait times.

Tip #3: Determine the type of queue you’ll be using outside the store, at the registers, and at the customer service desk, and have that equipment in place before the crowds arrive.

Tip #4: In the store, use signage to direct customers toward bathrooms, exits, and major sale items.

Tip #5: Provide a safe entrance and exit for people with disabilities.

Tip #6: Inform customers that erratic behavior (including running, yelling, pushing, etc.) will not be tolerated, and guests seen engaging in those behaviors will be asked to leave.

Tip #7: Have a loud and clear PA system in place to communicate messages to customers. A private communication system can be beneficial for employees only.

While it’s probably too late to purchase equipment in time for this year’s sale, it’s never too early to prepare for next year.

Feel free to call one of our crowd engineers today to talk about crowd control strategies for your Black Friday sale. It may be too to purchase new equipment, but we can certainly help with a few strategical tips. Call today – 1.888.404.7892.