LegoLand Malaysia Leads with Comprehensive Crowd Control Policies


It’s refreshing to see theme parks paying special attention to their crowd control policies. We know Disney World’s doing it, and Legoland Malaysia is now following suit.

On Saturday, the monstrous park with more than 40 rides, shows, and attractions, announced that they would be limiting the number of new entries into the park from 12pm to 2pm. The park noted that this measure was not permanent, but may be implemented in the future when the crowds and queues become too large to handle.

In addition to limiting attendance, park officials encouraged visitors to come on weekdays throughout December, as the park is open until 8pm during the entire month. Those who pre-purchase tickets will be allowed entry at any time. They’re also using their Facebook page and website to inform customers about potential closings and wait times during December.

Siegfried Boerst, the park’s general manager said that this was done not only to ensure safety, but to provide a comfortable experience for visitors. With excessively long queues at each attraction, the experience is no longer fun. While limiting entries might anger some hopeful visitors, it will no doubt make the experience safer and more enjoyable for those inside the park, and provide a better overall public perception.

Crowd control at large theme parks like Legoland involves more than simply placing equipment in crowded areas. It is imperative to have procedures in place that include strategic equipment placement, safety, and customer service.