6 Tips for Improved Concert Security & Crowd Control

Summer’s here, which means it’s concert season. Whether you’re in charge of an indoor or outdoor venue, stadium or park, an arena or amphitheatre, concert security should be top of mind. Here are 6 tips to ensure crowd safety throughout the entire summer concert season. 1. Create a large separation between the crowd and the… Read More

Crowd Problems End Macklemore Concert at Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University recently had some big names in town for their annual concert, cleverly called “WakeStock.” The university brought in hip-hop stars, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Kendrick Lamar to perform at the concert, but the highly anticipated event fell short due to crowd control issues. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who recently hit unfathomable… Read More

The Love Parade Stampede and the “Natural Laws” of Crowds

The Love Parade is an immensely popular free access electronic dance parade that began in Berlin in the late 80s. For over a decade, the parade was held in wide open areas, but in 2010, the festivities were held in a former freight station in Duisburg, Germany. The max capacity of the station – which… Read More

LineLogic Now Offers CrowdStopper Barricade

The crowd control experts at LineLogic have just added a top of the line CrowdStopper barricade to their expansive catalog of line management equipment. Commonly known as a bike rack barricade, the CrowdStopper is most often used to control large groups of people at special events, festivals, and parades. Designed for maximum security and high… Read More

Crowd Control Strategy could have prevented problems with “Bieber Fever.”

Events and crowds go hand in hand, and a sound crowd control strategy can mean the difference between a successful, safe event and chaos.  In the music and entertainment industry, it  can make or break a performance. Safety for the crowd—and the artist– is one of the biggest concerns faced by venue management.  This is particularly true… Read More