Mosh Pits, Science & Crowd Control

Mosh pits, science, and crowd control – one of these things is not like the others, or so you may think. The Atlantic Cities recently published an article titled, “What Mosh Pits Can Teach Us About Crowd Control in Public Spaces.” The story details one physicist’s theory on how the three of these things, in… Read More

Effective Theme Park Management Means Quality Crowd Control

In this age of full disclosure, fueled by social media and online forums, consumers are able to express their opinions and know that they’ll be heard. If the service is top-notch and reviews are nothing but positive, this can certainly be a good thing for business owners and managers. The opposite, of course, is true… Read More

Celebrate Culture with the AAM on Museums Advocacy Day

On February 25-26, the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) will be celebrating Museums Advocacy Day in Washington DC. The AAM is encouraging anyone with a passion for museums to attend the events and show Congress why museums deserve their support. American museums contribute $21 billion to the American economy each year, and across the country,… Read More

Prepping for the Presidential Inauguration

We are now less than a week away from the Presidential Inauguration. The parade and swearing-in ceremony for President Obama’s second term will be held on Monday January 21st at the United States Capitol in Washington DC, and officials are expecting upwards of 250,000 people in attendance. Crowd control is a huge focus for city… Read More

The Science of Lines – Wall Street Journal

Last year during the holidays, the Wall Street Journal published a wonderful Infographic called “The Science of Lines: What’s Really Happening at Checkout.” It deals with queueing theory, and people’s perceptions about waiting in line. It’s loaded with useful information, and since we missed it last year, we thought we’d share it with you now…. Read More

Grand Opening of Hyde Nightclub in American Airlines Arena

Last Tuesday, the Miami Heat kicked off their 2012-2013 season with a win against the Boston Celtics. In addition to an opening night victory, there was also a ring ceremony, and the raising of the championship banner – a truly electric night. The guys weren’t the only ones showing off new bling. American Airlines Arena… Read More

Long Lines in Florida as Early Voters Wait to Cast Ballots

Tomorrow is Election Day. The race is neck and neck, tensions are high, and both candidates know that in order to win this they need all of their supporters to get out and vote. As in every other election, the candidates are most concerned with getting people out in swing states, where a win could… Read More

Waiting in Line: An American Pastime

Whether it’s a pair of Nikes, an iPhone, or a mega-popular book, Americans are willing to wait for a product if they think it’s worth it. And most of the time, we’re willing to wait in an orderly fashion. On Tuesday, NPR published a topical piece on waiting in line, titled “Pumps and Polls: Why… Read More

Waiting in Line to Keep up with the Trends

A recent article from MarketWatch cites research that shows waiting in line has recently become a sort of fad. The article referred to it as a “new approach to shopping” and labeled the phenomenon “queue chic,” stating that time wasted in line is companionship gained. “Those who study consumer trends say that the shared experience… Read More

Crowd Barrier Fails at WWE Monday Night Raw Wrestling

Remember when wrestling was cool? Apparently it still is. So cool even, that at this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw match between “Ryback” and “The Miz,” two fans were so excited to get involved, that they jumped the crowd barrier used to keep fans back. One of the gentleman was tackled outside of the ring,… Read More