Happy Halloween from LineLogic

Know what’s scary? Not increasing impulse purchase sales by 400% when it’s this easy. Call LineLogic today to purchase your merchandising bowls and impulse towers, and watch as extra revenue streams spookily into your checkout lines!

Exploring Wall Mount Versatility with Visiontron

Small, light, and transportable, wall mount units eliminate almost every concern people commonly have about crowd control equipment. Though all too frequently, these systems are overlooked by operations managers, as they are unaware of all of the benefits and possibilities offered by their usage. Frequently employed in retail outlets, the warehousing industry, and in maintenance… Read More

5 Tips for In-Line Merchandising

In-line (or in-queue) merchandising is one of the most important, yet underused queueing practices out there. Impulse items placed strategically in supermarket checkout lines generate $5.5 billion annually. In addition, items like gum, candy, and magazines distract customers from thinking about their wait, bringing the end of the waiting experience closer. Here are 5 great tips… Read More

Sportswear Outlet to Use Virtual Carmelo Anthony

Virtual Assistant technology has been around for a couple of years now. Only recently, however, has it been implemented in non-trial capacities. Namely, the technology has been used in airports to increase wayfinding and help inform passengers about security processes. When Tensator launched the first live virtual assistant in London Luton airport, company executives were… Read More

Is Your Store Ready for Black Friday?

It may seem early for a post on Black Friday, but you can’t be too prepared, and you can’t start too soon. Finishing your prep early is far better than finding yourself unprepared when the day comes. During a Black Friday promotion at Wal-Mart four years ago, a massive group of people anxious to seize… Read More

Branding Your Crowd Control

Most people reading our blog are probably familiar with at least the basics of crowd control. If you’re experienced with the products, you’ve probably already determined the best methods for using the equipment to increase efficiency, minimize customer wait times, and ensure safer practices in your workplace. But what about branding? You have the equipment,… Read More

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Why the Line Next to You is Not Moving Faster

You know when you’re in a supermarket or department store and you’re deciding which line to choose? It’s always the same sad story. You finally pick, then you switch, switch back, and then wish you’d stayed in the other line. Well, Bill Hammack, aka “the Engineer Guy,” advises shoppers to leave it up to the… Read More


Custom Crowd Control Comes to the UGG Store in Manhattan.

As shoppers wait outside of the UGG store in Manhattan to buy their new UGG footwear, the people passing by can see something that brings added value to the UGG brand, customized crowd control and a large queue. Most people would just assume big brand in big cities are all using customized crowd control but… Read More