Warehouse Safety Tip for OSHA Compliance

According to OSHA’s Worker Safety Series, the fatal injury rate for the warehousing industry is higher than the national average for all other industries. To ensure your business isn’t contributing to such alarming statistics, be proactive about keeping your workplace safe, while building and preserving your record of security. The most frequent deaths and injuries… Read More

The Science of Crowd Movement, Mentality, and Control

While large crowds tend to move in an innately disordered, unreasonable manner, there are methods for determining the actions of large groups of people, and we mustn’t look too far to see why this problem demands attention. In various countries, no matter the sporting event, there are riots, crowd crushes, and stampedes that occur every… Read More

LineLogic Celebrates the Running of the Bulls

The “Running of the Bulls,” or encierro, is an event celebrated in Spain on July 6 of every year. We give you our contribution to the celebration – pure crowd control with only a little bit of Photoshop bull…

Crowd Control is Top Concern for Euro 2012

It’s truly a shame that sporting events across the globe have now become associated with senseless violence and destruction. We’ve seen it happen in countless countries in almost every major sport, and chances are, it will be the same old story in Poland and the Ukraine at the Euro 2012 Soccer Championships. With recent terrorist… Read More

Sound Cannon Considered “Less-Than-Lethal Crowd Control Weapon”

The Sound Cannon is a type of Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) that is now being used by authorities in multiple cities at events across the country to disperse protesters in unwarranted areas. This machine has sparked significant controversy as the opposition has claimed it can cause permanent hearing loss, and in more severe cases,… Read More

Wallenda Walk Raises Crowd Control Concerns

Guinness World Record setter Nik Wallenda is the seventh generation of the legendary Great Wallendas, a German family of daredevils who won worldwide recognition through their sky high performances with circus greats like the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus. His latest stunt – a tightrope walk across Niagara Falls – has recently been… Read More

LineLogic Now Offers CrowdStopper Barricade

The crowd control experts at LineLogic have just added a top of the line CrowdStopper barricade to their expansive catalog of line management equipment. Commonly known as a bike rack barricade, the CrowdStopper is most often used to control large groups of people at special events, festivals, and parades. Designed for maximum security and high… Read More