Crowd control and line management tools should not be an overlooked aspect of your brand.

Dirty Stanchion BaseWhen you start working for a company, it’s inevitable that you look at the products you sell wherever they pop up.

Last week I made a stop at my bank.  When I walked in it was obvious that a lot of time and money went into renovating the branch.  Quite honestly it looked great.  Then I got in line.

I was more than surprised that my bank—which is one of the BIG ones—would have Post & Ropes that have clearly been around for years.

Your image/brand extends from the floor to the ceiling, and includes EVERYTHING in between.  Given that every customer that enters a store, bank, movie theater, etc., waits in line, great looking Stanchions or Post & Ropes can make or break an experience.

While it’s inevitable that things will get overlooked during a remodeling project, be sure to give the space a really good once-over before you open to the public.  Consider what people will think of all the things they see, old and new.  If it doesn’t make a good impression on you, it certainly won’t impress anyone else.

In high traffic areas where all customers end up, you want and need to have quality products that will hold up and look great over the years.  This includes your line management equipment.  The last thing you want is a patron leaving your place of business thinking ‘this place is sub-standard’ as he or she exits a line and walks out.