Keeping Your Crowd Control Looking Great

Keeping your stanchions clean is a never-ending job, but there are right and wrong ways to do it. The high tech coatings applied to stanchions these days keep dust and dirt buildup to a minimum and fortunately require a minimum arsenal of cleaning products.

Clean Stanchion

Typically Crowd Control Products such as retractable stanchions, plastic stanchions, and even the rope stanchion products can be cleaned by a soft dry cloth. This should take care of virtually all of your finishes. The only exception is polished brass, which can be cleaned with Brasso (make sure it’s not a satin brass finish, the coating applied to keep it satin will not like Brasso). The polished brass is actually made of brass, while most other posts are a stainless steel pole with a modern powder coating applied to the exterior.

Cleaning Retractable Belts

While you’re cleaning you shouldn’t just stop at the posts, the ropes and belts need care too. These components are cleaned with a damp, soft cloth for both the belts and the stanchion ropes. Again, no harsh solutions are needed, nor should they be used. Just make sure they are dry so that it isn’t damp inside of the cartridge, ensuring longer life.


That’s the simple cleaning basics for your crowd control equipment. Now enjoy the extra couple of minutes before you open the doors with a set of cleaned stanchions that are looking great, your business deserves it.