What Add-Ons for Crowd Control Stanchions are Available?

Queue Bowl

As an owner of a crowd control system for your organization or business or a potential investor in one, you might be thinking to yourself what else besides the actual stanchions and rope are out there to go with my system.

For every type of stanchion made there are additional items in which can be added to them. The most common type of add-on would be a sign adaptor/ frame. These come in a range of sizes starting at 8.5” x 11” and usually come horizontal or vertical. Most vendors have the ability to print any message you wish or give you the option of purchasing a clear acrylic to slide your printed sign in to protect it while still conveying your message. There are also pre-printed phrases ranging from “Please Wait” to “Enter/Exit”. Some signs can come in white with black text or black with white text. Having clearly labeled signs can help your customers/guests clearly see where they need to line up, wait, or gather before calling them from the queue. These can also mark where the queue begins or ends, which will make yours and their queuing process a happy customer experience.

If you are looking for add-ons that go with your post and rope systems you can look at similar screw in sign adaptors/ frames and even different choices of rope material. Any type of vendor’s rope can be attached to any rope post. Plates that attach to the wall in order to attach the rope to are also available. This will eliminate another post and also free up floor room if needed. Now for a retractable belt you can buy a clip to attach onto the wall, this can even work with a wall-mounted unit, which can create even more available floor space.

If you look at the Lavi product line you can have a billboard type sign along with bowls that can attach to the top of the post as well as in the middle while being mounted on an arm within the post channel. This gives you the ability to have two bowls on the same stanchion while also attaching a belt to create a barrier.

Now if adding things to the post wasn’t what you were looking for then you can also get a floor protector for the bottom of your posts, you can find replacement cartridges for your stanchion heads, and even belt end replacements. You might also be wondering, how am I supposed to move 18 stanchions efficiently with one person?  The answer is simple, a storage cart for crowd control posts. If you don’t have many posts to move you can use a post runner dolly.

If you have an idea of what you are looking to do or if you want to do something that isn’t described here just give us a call at 1-888-404-7892 or email sales@shop.linelogic.com and we will be happy to help.