Prep for the Holidays with Unbeatable Deals on Crowd Control

Line for Santa

It’s that time of year again. The weather’s getting colder (where we are at least), the decorations are up, and people are out shopping. We survived Black Friday, but we’ve still got the holidays to get through. Day-after Christmas sales, returns, and last minute shoppers will soon be flooding retail outlets across the country. Do you have a plan to keep your crowds moving?

Whether you’re using crowd control to form lines outside your store, up to your register, or around a shopping mall Santa, it’s imperative that you have the proper equipment in place. The good news is, we have some great seasonal specials that will improve your holiday operations without a huge hit to your bottom line.

Queue Solutions Holiday Special

The Winter Special includes a QueueWay retractable belt stanchion and tape for only $29.95. The post is available in black or polished stainless steel and the belt is available in four different colors. Add a few of these in front of your registers and watch the chaos turn to coordination.

If you’re looking for a more elegant setup, we have a Holiday Special that’ll get the job done without taking away from the atmosphere of your store. In fact, post and rope systems often do the opposite by adding a touch of elegance when placed correctly.

For just $116.75, we’re offering two Queue Solutions posts and a draping rope. With a choice of three different post finishes, and five different rope colors, you’re sure to find a setup that will match your store’s decor.

Looking for more holiday ideas? How about an in-line merchandising setup? Try a merchandising bowl atop one of your stanchions, and throw in that extra inventory that you’re having trouble moving. Not only will it boost your revenue, but it will keep queued customers occupied while waiting. For more on in-queue options, like tables and shelves, call one of our crowd engineers to discuss pricing and setups.

For many retailers, the holidays are the bread and butter, and we understand that adding crowd control is commonly considered a discretionary expense. The benefits, however, will far outweigh the cost to implement the equipment from the start.

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