6 Ways Crowd Control Can Benefit Your Business


1. Return on Investment

You can’t just throw queueing equipment in front of your counters and registers and expect it to work. It’s almost that easy, but not quite. When implemented properly, a queueing setup will pay for itself ten times over. There are two specific setups that we push quite often on our blog, and we do it for a reason; they work.

The first is unified (single-line) queueing as opposed to multiple checkout lanes. The second is in-line merchandising, which simply means placing items for purchase in the checkout lanes (or lane, if using a unified queue). Thankfully you can implement both of these strategies together.

A single-line queue in retail outlets can bring a 400% increase in impulse sales revenue and reduce walkways by up to 96%, meaning more cash flowing in (and not out) of your store.

2. Branding

Having a proper queueing setup shows that your business is neat, orderly, and concerned about customer service. By having the equipment in place, and using it to its greatest potential, you are sending a message about your brand and company values.

Not to mention, you can actually brand the equipment with your name, logo, or any other custom message. But, that’s another strategy.

3. Providing Stress Relief

People spend all day figuring their next move – What do I need to do for work? What do I have to do around the house? Do I have to get the kids today? Am I forgetting something? The last thing a consumer wants to do, is figure out where they need to go to receive service inside your place of business. Make it easy for them. Plan their next move. They’ll thank you for it.

Retractable belt stanchions at American Airlines baggage check

4. Consistent, Fair Service, Guaranteed

This ties into #6 (Customer Satisfaction), but it’s so important that it merits its own separate section. We’ve talked in the past about first come, first served, or the “golden rule of waiting.” It’s a principle that’s ingrained in us as simply “the right way” of doing things. We are supposed to wait our turn, and our turn is founded upon our arrival.

With a proper queueing setup, you can ensure that the first of your customers to arrive, will be the first that is served. The only way to ensure this, is with a single-line queue. When using multiple checkout lanes, your customers risk choosing a slow line, or one with a slow customer, and this impacts #3 (Stress Relief). Don’t make them choose, just give them the best decision. Click here for more on single-line queueing.

5. Creating a Lasting Impression

You may provide the best customer service on the floor, with the most pleasing design, and an extremely comfortable shopping experience, but if the lines to checkout aren’t up to par, this will far outweigh all the good impressions you’ve made until this point. Why, you may be wondering? Because it’s one of the final moments, and consumers often judge their entire experience on these moments.

This means quick, easy lines and friendly cashiers are imperative in forming a good overall impression.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Since the final moment is the most important, we’ve saved this last point for a reason; it’s the most important.

Retailers with thoughtful queueing setups receive much higher customer service ratings. In fact, those who have adopted a single-line queue have reported a 94% approval rating on their queues. Higher customer service ratings mean more customers, more money, and longevity for your business.