3 Better Ways to Use Crowd Control

Are you using crowd control to mark restricted areas, form organized lines in front of your registers, and guide groups of people through your facility? If so, you’re only halfway there. The good news is, you’ve done all of the hard stuff already. The rest is easy.

Here are three ways to get the most out of your crowd control equipment and maximize your ROI.

1. Accessorize

If you have queueing equipment in place, why not accessorize with a sign, a table, or a merchandising bowl? A recent case study performed by our crowd engineers showed that the implementation of one merchandising bowl had a return on investment rate of nearly 150%.

2. Brand

As people wait in line, they are a captive audience. They’re standing there, waiting for service, so why not use your queueing equipment to grab their attention? It’s like placing a billboard in a highly trafficked area.

4 Examples of Branded Retractable Belts

3. Mobilize

In order to get the greatest return on your equipment, you need to maximize usage. If you’re operating a facility where you need crowd control in multiple places, you can always buy more equipment, but why spend the extra money?

From stanchion storage carts to post runner dollies, we offer a number of storage and transport options, so you can move and store the same equipment throughout different parts of your facility.

tensator stanchion storage cart

Visiontron post runner dolly