ABC Investigates Line Rage & the Psychology of Waiting

ABC 20/20 Line Rage Screenshot

We’ve been talking about line psychology for years on the LineLogic blog. We’ve discussed where, why, and how people wait, and most importantly, we’ve discussed how businesses can improve the waiting experience for their customers. Today, we’re back again to talk about the psychology of queueing, as ABC’s 20/20 recently launched a report called “Line Rage:… Read More

Mismanaged Queue Creates Chaos in Shoe Store

Messy Shoe Aisle

I went shopping for some new shoes this weekend. When I arrived at the store, I was shocked by the crowds. It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday, so I kind of figured most people would be outdoors, but that was not the case. Apparently everyone was in need of some soles. Anyhow, as I was… Read More

Introducing The Visiontron PRIME Crowd Control Line

Retracta-Belt PRIME Base Flier

We’re proud to announce that we are one of few select vendors carrying the brand new Visiontron PRIME economy crowd control line. Visiontron Prime includes Retracta-Belt® PRIME stanchions, weatherproof outdoor stanchions, wall mounts, signage, and PRIME Conventional Post and ropes. Visiontron President, Joseph Torsiello, stated that “Using our experience as a trusted manufacturer for nearly… Read More