ABC Investigates Line Rage & the Psychology of Waiting

Stadium Waiting Line
We’ve been talking about line psychology for years on the LineLogic blog. We’ve discussed where, why, and how people wait, and most importantly, we’ve discussed how businesses can improve the waiting experience for their customers.

Today, we’re back again to talk about the psychology of queueing, as ABC’s 20/20 recently launched a report called “Line Rage: Why People Lose it Waiting in Line.” Check out their comprehensive story over at the ABC website and jump back over here when you’re done for our take on it.

ABC 20/20 Line Rage Screenshot

Image Courtesy of ABC (screenshot) – Click here to watch their report

If you watched, then you got a peek at the ongoing Apple craze, which reignites every time a new product is released. You heard claims about Justin Bieber using a wheel chair to cut lines at DisneyLand (a manipulative strategy employed by even average millionaires). You learned a bit about the Cronut craze, met the Muffin-macer, a woman who used pepper spray on a man who tried to cut her in line at a convenience store, and of course, no national crowd control story is complete without a look at Disney World.

So what’s my point? Well, simply put, we’ve been studying and covering these stories for years. We’re elated to see crowd control garner some national attention, but we want you – our current and potential clients and customers – to know that we live and breathe this stuff. So to us, it’s old news.

When you come to LineLogic, you get much more than stanchions, barricades, posts, and ropes. You get expertise, understanding, and a strategy to support your business objectives, the most important of which, is  customer service.

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While many people don’t view crowd management as a component of customer service, we believe it is at the very center of both positive and negative customer experiences.

If you work in a business that relies on or includes the flow of people, you need equipment to move them efficiently, but you also need a strategy to work alongside those apparatuses. If you do that well, you won’t need to worry about line rage, because your customers will always be satisfied with their wait times and experiences.

To talk about line psychology, queueing strategies, and the crowd control equipment that’s best for you and your business, give us a call today – 1. 844.202.5910.