TSA Offers $15,000 for Your Security Line Solution

Cash Money

Airports suck. We all know it. They’re crowded, loud, hectic, and most of all, they’re stressful. To make things worse, they’re loaded with various lines. Lines to check baggage, lines to get your tickets, and lines for security. It’s lines on lines on lines. And it’s the last line I mentioned that gets the most… Read More

Waiting in Line Stinks, But This Joke Doesn’t!

Here at LineLogic, we realize our industry is often considered boring and uneventful, and we’d be lying if we told you we don’t partially agree. However, every now and then, we hear or do something that spices things up a bit. And we always enjoy sharing this stuff with you! Today, it’s a joke we… Read More

Fast-Track Passport Checks to be Implemented in London Airports

According to an article published in the Guardian on Tuesday, Heathrow and a number of other British airports will soon be implementing “fast-track” passport lanes for wealthy travellers. Heathrow had a lot of queueing problems leading up to the Olympics, and airport executives, along with UK Border officials, are concerned about losing “high-value” customers to… Read More

It’s All In The Details.

  I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling as of late. I’m not typically one to pay close attention to queue management systems but when navigating through a crowd in a busy terminal, they take on a renewed, unforeseen importance. This is especially true when I am rushing to find the correct airline for… Read More