TSA Offers $15,000 for Your Security Line Solution

Airport Security Line

This is the scene we often find in airports…

Airports suck. We all know it. They’re crowded, loud, hectic, and most of all, they’re stressful. To make things worse, they’re loaded with various lines. Lines to check baggage, lines to get your tickets, and lines for security.

Athens International Airport Checkin

This is the scene we’d like to find in airports.

It’s lines on lines on lines. And it’s the last line I mentioned that gets the most heat from the public; the security line. Dreaded like a trip to your gastroenterologist, the security line – much like a colonoscopy – is a necessary evil. We know that. But can’t it be any less painful? Less long? Less aggravating? Can’t it be more efficient? Of course it can, and it’s not just the general public who think that. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is actually on a serious mission to improve the waiting experience at security checks in airports. So serious is this mission, that they’re offering $15,000 for the best idea on how to improve airport security lines. Transportation Security Administration Cash Money They’re calling it the “Next Generation Queue Design and Model.” Any new idea should include lines for TSA PreCheck, standard, premier passengers, airport employees, flight crews, and wheelchair access passengers, according to the “Challenge Overview” written by the TSA. Think you might have a solution? Head on over to InnoCentive.com and submit. You have until Friday, August 15th, and so far (at the time of this writing), the site reports it has 5,051 “Active Solvers.” LineLogic is one of those solvers, and we’ll share our suggestions once the contest is over. Good luck!