6 Ways to Create an Effective Crowd Control Plan

Attending a concert can lead to a long wait before the show.

With great events come great…wait times. There is nothing quite as frustrating as having the excitement of a fun event ripped out of you as you’re forced to wait in a long line prior to entry. This experience leaves even the most patient person disgruntled and frustrated. For an organizer of an event, a large… Read More

ABC Investigates Line Rage & the Psychology of Waiting

ABC 20/20 Line Rage Screenshot

We’ve been talking about line psychology for years on the LineLogic blog. We’ve discussed where, why, and how people wait, and most importantly, we’ve discussed how businesses can improve the waiting experience for their customers. Today, we’re back again to talk about the psychology of queueing, as ABC’s 20/20 recently launched a report called “Line Rage:… Read More

5 Negative Emotions Produced by Long Lines

1.) Stress People are busy. Make them wait longer than they feel they should, and their stress level will rise quickly. 2.) Boredom If you have nothing to keep your customers occupied while they wait, chances are, they’ll start feeling bored. When you’re bored, perceived time multiplies exponentially. In other words, they may only wait… Read More

Waiting for the iPhone 5S – Why?

It’s pretty much all I’ve heard and read about this week. The new iPhone, available in two different models, the 5s, which is the top tier model, and the 5c, which is essentially the economy version. With news of the phone has also come news about the hype surrounding it. You know what I’m talking… Read More

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (And to Those Who Make Them Wait)

What if I told you that long lines can actually be good for your business? It seems crazy, right? We spend most of our time seeking ways to shorten wait times, however, one researcher at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business found that with certain products and services, a long wait can actually… Read More

Royal Baby Birth: A Smashing Success in Crowd Management

As everyone knows, the royal baby was born on Monday, and thankfully, all of the news was positive. The baby is healthy, the Duchess is healthy, and no one was hurt during the surrounding events. The crowd began gathering outside St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London days before Will and Kate even made it there…. Read More

Dissecting the Cronut Craze: How Do They Do It?

If you haven’t heard of the Cronut, it’s the latest food trend in Manhattan. As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid croissant-donut crafted by Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo. This unique pastry made it’s debut in May, and it didn’t take long for word of its apparent awesomeness to spread. Now, the pastry has its… Read More

6 Ways Crowd Control Can Benefit Your Business

1. Return on Investment You can’t just throw queueing equipment in front of your counters and registers and expect it to work. It’s almost that easy, but not quite. When implemented properly, a queueing setup will pay for itself ten times over. There are two specific setups that we push quite often on our blog,… Read More

Mosh Pits, Science & Crowd Control

Mosh pits, science, and crowd control – one of these things is not like the others, or so you may think. The Atlantic Cities recently published an article titled, “What Mosh Pits Can Teach Us About Crowd Control in Public Spaces.” The story details one physicist’s theory on how the three of these things, in… Read More

The Science of Lines – Wall Street Journal

Last year during the holidays, the Wall Street Journal published a wonderful Infographic called “The Science of Lines: What’s Really Happening at Checkout.” It deals with queueing theory, and people’s perceptions about waiting in line. It’s loaded with useful information, and since we missed it last year, we thought we’d share it with you now…. Read More