Reduce Wait Times with the Post Mount Writing Table

Visiontron Post Mount Writing Table
Imagine if you could reduce wait times and get valuable information from your customers, all with one simple addition to your in-store setup. Now you can do that with Visiontron’s latest queueing product, the Post Mount Writing Table.

This unique product provides customers with a writing surface and optional pen to fill out forms such as baggage tags at the airport or deposit slips at the bank. This convenient surface will decrease time filling out forms at the clerk’s desk, speeding up the flow of the queue line.

Customer using post mount writing table



Post Mount Writing Tables attach to existing Retracta-Belt stanchions with the provided hardware, so there’s no need to purchase additional stanchions. The table measures 10 inches in width and 48 inches in height, assembling easily with a standoff wrench.

The writing surface is made of durable Corian, which is the same material used for school desks and kitchen counter tops. Although the table is designed to withstand years of use, no need to worry if damage does occur, because every Post Mount Table comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Post Mount Tables aren’t just for airports and banks either. They’re also a wonderful addition for brick and mortar retail stores. Just fill the literature holder with customer service questionaires, feedback forms, or any other document(s) you’d like your customers to read and/or fill out. This not only provides you with valuable information from your customers, but also keeps them busy while they wait. This is a huge benefit for you as well, because consumers perceive occupied wait time as being much shorter than time spent in a line with nothing to do.

visiontron post mount writing table with literature holder

If you’d like to add the Post Mount Table to posts from another manufacturer, there is an optional adaptor cone available for attaching the table to other stanchions.

Click here for a PDF spec sheet on the Post Mount Writing Table, and if you have any questions, just give us a call. We’d be happy to talk with you about the table and/or any other queueing equipment you’d like to learn more about – 844.202.5910.