Rope Barriers – An Overview

Guests viewing artwork with museum stanchion performing as a buffer.

To add an aesthetic touch to your crowd control system, consider using good old fashioned rope barriers or classy stanchions. Very few methods of crowd control look as stylish and are as effective as placing these rope queue barriers in strategic locations. A stanchion is an upright bar that holds ropes, retractable belts, or metal chains… Read More

3 Steps Retailers Should Take to Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday Sale

Attention retailers: Black Friday is creeping up on us. We’ve got about three weeks to go. Are you ready? If not, don’t worry, you still have time. But don’t wait much longer. Act now and rest easy when November 28th approaches. To ensure you’re ready to conquer the crowds and hold a successful sale, take… Read More

Reduce Wait Times with the Post Mount Writing Table

Customer using post mount writing table

Imagine if you could reduce wait times and get valuable information from your customers, all with one simple addition to your in-store setup. Now you can do that with Visiontron’s latest queueing product, the Post Mount Writing Table. This unique product provides customers with a writing surface and optional pen to fill out forms such… Read More

Introducing Visiontron PRIME: Conventional Posts & Ropes

Conventional posts and ropes in a hotel lobby

Conventional posts and ropes are what many people think of when they hear the word “stanchion.” This classic form of crowd control is most often found in theaters, hotels, casinos, convention centers, sports facilities, bars, and restaurants – to name just a few places. In any indoor application, posts and ropes can work in place… Read More

Visiontron PRIME: Retracta-Belt PRIME Single Line Post

Retracta-Belt PRIME Single Line Post Flier

Last month, we announced the addition of the brand new Visiontron PRIME products to our extensive line of crowd control equipment. This was an exciting launch for us, because we understand that sometimes it just isn’t feasible to splurge for top-of-the-line stanchions and other crowd control. Many of our clients want to purchase economy equipment,… Read More

Introducing The Visiontron PRIME Crowd Control Line

Retracta-Belt PRIME Base Flier

We’re proud to announce that we are one of few select vendors carrying the brand new Visiontron PRIME economy crowd control line. Visiontron Prime includes Retracta-Belt® PRIME stanchions, weatherproof outdoor stanchions, wall mounts, signage, and PRIME Conventional Post and ropes. Visiontron President, Joseph Torsiello, stated that “Using our experience as a trusted manufacturer for nearly… Read More

Post-N-Panel Crowd Control – The Ultimate Queueing Solution

What if we told you there’s a way to create an effective, attractive queueing system, provide privacy and security, advertise a message prominently, and improve wayfinding all with one system? We’re telling you that. With Post-N-Panel crowd control, you get the benefits provided by security barricades, stanchions, and stand-alone signage, all in one cohesive setup…. Read More

4 Things Horribly Wrong With This Picture

What’s wrong with this picture? I’ll start out by simply saying “a lot.” But let’s get specific. 1. We Don’t Know Why It’s There I’m assuming the parking lot was just painted, but nowhere is this stated. A simple sign on one of the poles could alert potential parkers that the parking lot is closed… Read More

Stanchion Storage Made Simple by Visiontron

Are you using the same retractable belt barriers in different areas of your facility? While this is a cost-effective way to use your equipment, storage and transport can become a huge hassle. You don’t want to purchase a system for each area, but moving more than a couple of stanchions can prove quite difficult and… Read More

Introducing 2 Spring Stanchion Specials

Spring is here, and we all know what that means. “Spring cleaning.” That dreadful term we hear every year around this very time. It starts to invade our thoughts, draining the fun from the season. Oftentimes, it means money and time spent toward renovating or updating our facilities. Well, if crowd control is on your… Read More