Rope Barriers – An Overview

To add an aesthetic touch to your crowd control system, consider using good old fashioned rope barriers or classy stanchionsVery few methods of crowd control look as stylish and are as effective as placing these rope queue barriers in strategic locations. A stanchion is an upright bar that holds ropes, retractable belts, or metal chains to signal the start of a queue. They’re used to manage crowd flow at events or establishmentsA rope and stanchion helps to guide guests and customers wherever they need to go. They can also help by creating a buffer between guests and exhibits. While they also look great, these small details also create a space that is more functional.

Guests viewing artwork with museum stanchion performing as a buffer.

Stanchions are not only meant for a one-time event like a corporate event or wedding. They can be used year-round in a variety of establishments. This includes event areas such as restaurants or party venues, museums, and dance banquet halls. It also includes public service buildings such as banks, airports, and other establishments. Other uses for crowd control stanchions and/or rope barriers include:

  • To prevent people from entering an area that could be hazardous, such as a construction area.
  • To establish lines for purchasing tickets or to board public transport.
  • To create a clear demarcation line at red carpet events. This will help create a barrier separating attendees from reporters and fans.
  • Retail businesses where waiting in line is necessary for purchasing items.
  • To restrict access and prevent overcrowded areas outside nightclubs, bars, and pubs.
  • For lines leading to gate entry and security checks at concerts and other large outdoor events.

One way to prevent wear and tear from long-term use to a stanchion post or rope is to use replaceable retractable beltsRetractable stanchions help to avoid long-term damage when not in use and to prevent dirt buildup from use over time. Rope barriers and stanchions can be used in conjunction with other strategies to make crowd control more manageable. For example, at clubs, the retractable belts or ropes are operated by a bouncer only. This prevents excessive use of, and prolongs the life of the stanchion rope. It also creates another boundary between the crowd and those in charge of the event.

Another way to get the desired message across is to accompany retractable belt stanchions with custom signs. This will assist customers and guests in navigating the crowd. The ability to customize your sign allows you flexibility in the message you want to convey. Make the message clear to guests and customers by setting up a retractable belt with a sign that says “The line starts here”. Custom signs can also provide specific instructions or information to guests or customers. A “Do Not Touch” sign post attached to a museum stanchion creates a clear message. Expected wait times are a great indicator for crowds at concerts and amusement parks.

Crowd rope barriers and stanchion poles create an unmatched level of finish and order to a busy area. These additions to your event or establishment won’t catch anyone’s immediate attention. But, attendees will appreciate the function that these crowd control barriers provide.