Royal Baby Birth: A Smashing Success in Crowd Management

As everyone knows, the royal baby was born on Monday, and thankfully, all of the news was positive. The baby is healthy, the Duchess is healthy, and no one was hurt during the surrounding events. The crowd began gathering outside St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London days before Will and Kate even made it there…. Read More

Dissecting the Cronut Craze: How Do They Do It?

If you haven’t heard of the Cronut, it’s the latest food trend in Manhattan. As the name suggests, it’s a hybrid croissant-donut crafted by Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo. This unique pastry made it’s debut in May, and it didn’t take long for word of its apparent awesomeness to spread. Now, the pastry has its… Read More

6 Tips for Improved Concert Security & Crowd Control

Summer’s here, which means it’s concert season. Whether you’re in charge of an indoor or outdoor venue, stadium or park, an arena or amphitheatre, concert security should be top of mind. Here are 6 tips to ensure crowd safety throughout the entire summer concert season. 1. Create a large separation between the crowd and the… Read More

Waitbot App Provides Real-Time Wait Estimates for Any Line

Play a game with me for a moment: It’s a Friday afternoon. You’ve got the day off from work, and you have a few errands to run. You’d like to make it to the DMV and renew your registration, but you don’t want to end up waiting for two hours and waste half of your… Read More

Crowd Problems End Macklemore Concert at Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University recently had some big names in town for their annual concert, cleverly called “WakeStock.” The university brought in hip-hop stars, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, and Kendrick Lamar to perform at the concert, but the highly anticipated event fell short due to crowd control issues. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who recently hit unfathomable… Read More

Young Girl Shot at Air Jordan Release in Massachusetts

Back in December we covered a story about an unruly crowd of sneaker shoppers in Alabama. As is common with these highly coveted kicks, Nike only releases a small number in an effort to create hype. In Alabama, 100 sneaker heads stood waiting outside a small retailer to grab one of 36 wrist bands that… Read More

6 Ways Crowd Control Can Benefit Your Business

1. Return on Investment You can’t just throw queueing equipment in front of your counters and registers and expect it to work. It’s almost that easy, but not quite. When implemented properly, a queueing setup will pay for itself ten times over. There are two specific setups that we push quite often on our blog,… Read More

Let Your Sneakers Wait for You Like They do in Thailand

The above photo began circulating the internet last week. No one’s really sure who took the photo, or where these people are, but apparently it was taken somewhere in Thailand. It appears as though the people are using their shoes and sandals to hold their spots in line, while they wait (sitting) on closeby benches…. Read More