Fast-Track Passport Checks to be Implemented in London Airports

According to an article published in the Guardian on Tuesday, Heathrow and a number of other British airports will soon be implementing “fast-track” passport lanes for wealthy travellers. Heathrow had a lot of queueing problems leading up to the Olympics, and airport executives, along with UK Border officials, are concerned about losing “high-value” customers to… Read More

Sportswear Outlet to Use Virtual Carmelo Anthony

Virtual Assistant technology has been around for a couple of years now. Only recently, however, has it been implemented in non-trial capacities. Namely, the technology has been used in airports to increase wayfinding and help inform passengers about security processes. When Tensator launched the first live virtual assistant in London Luton airport, company executives were… Read More

Backyard Goose Control

Although our industry isn’t typically classified as “exciting” or “humorous,” we do everything we can to have fun with it (see exhibit A & exhibit B). Sometimes we even get a little help from our customers. Without mentioning a name or location, we wanted to share these pictures of a recent crowd control setup that we helped with…. Read More

Ekka People’s Day Parade Praised for Crowd Control

The Ekka is the annual agricultural show and public holiday in Queensland, Australia. Celebrated in Brisbane for ten days each August, the Ekka is organized by the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA). People’s day is one of the central events during the 10-day holiday, and in the past, the festivities have… Read More

Fresco Disaster in Spain Reveals the Importance of Art Protection

We’re almost sure that by today most of the world has seen the above image. It’s a famous fresco (a special technique of mural painting) called Ecce Homo (Behold the Man). The piece was originally created by a woman named Elias Garcia Martinez and has been in place for over a century in the Sanctuary… Read More

Nike Reacts to Issues Stemming from Release Practices

Nike shoes are a hot item. Have been for a long time. Part of what makes them so desirable among followers is their limited availability when a new shoe is released. That, in addition to the midnight camp out routine that’s seminal for their new releases. It’s this very hype that in the past has… Read More

New Product: PVC Vinyl-Coated CrowdStoppers

Here at LineLogic we pride ourselves on remaining at the cusp of the crowd control industry. Having an edge on our competitors, leading with unique sales strategies, carrying high-quality equipment, and providing relevant, thought provoking content for our customers – it’s just what we do. That’s why we’re excited to offer you the latest release… Read More

Honoring the Life of Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch post-Impressionist painter, died on July 29, 1890. We doubt our attempts at humor will ever match those that Van Gogh made on art, but we felt we must try! This one was thought up by our museum specialist… LineLogic Puts the Post in Post-Impressionism


The Love Parade Stampede and the “Natural Laws” of Crowds

The Love Parade is an immensely popular free access electronic dance parade that began in Berlin in the late 80s. For over a decade, the parade was held in wide open areas, but in 2010, the festivities were held in a former freight station in Duisburg, Germany. The max capacity of the station – which… Read More

ADA Compliancy: What it’s About and Why it’s Important

Did you know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design were augmented on March 15, 2012? New rules relating directly to facility management have been put into place, and we’re here to tell you a little bit about them. The language in this document is thick, so we’ve tried to break it… Read More