6 Crowd Control Tips for Museums During Peak Seasons

People attend and view a crowded museum exhibit

Museums can be a calming and relaxing experience for a lot of people. Taking in the interpretative art, historical artifacts, or other exhibits at an interesting museum is a great way to spend a day. Placing guests in overcrowded or confusing settings can eliminate the “calming and relaxing” aspect quickly though. That’s why museums need… Read More

6 Ways to Create an Effective Crowd Control Plan

Attending a concert can lead to a long wait before the show.

With great events come great…wait times. There is nothing quite as frustrating as having the excitement of a fun event ripped out of you as you’re forced to wait in a long line prior to entry. This experience leaves even the most patient person disgruntled and frustrated. For an organizer of an event, a large… Read More

Rope Barriers – An Overview

Guests viewing artwork with museum stanchion performing as a buffer.

To add an aesthetic touch to your crowd control system, consider using good old fashioned rope barriers or classy stanchions. Very few methods of crowd control look as stylish and are as effective as placing these rope queue barriers in strategic locations. A stanchion is an upright bar that holds ropes, retractable belts, or metal chains… Read More

3 Steps Retailers Should Take to Prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday Sale

Attention retailers: Black Friday is creeping up on us. We’ve got about three weeks to go. Are you ready? If not, don’t worry, you still have time. But don’t wait much longer. Act now and rest easy when November 28th approaches. To ensure you’re ready to conquer the crowds and hold a successful sale, take… Read More

Reduce Wait Times with the Post Mount Writing Table

Customer using post mount writing table

Imagine if you could reduce wait times and get valuable information from your customers, all with one simple addition to your in-store setup. Now you can do that with Visiontron’s latest queueing product, the Post Mount Writing Table. This unique product provides customers with a writing surface and optional pen to fill out forms such… Read More

4 Ways the Buffalo Bills Improved Crowd Flow at Stadium

Ralph Wilson Stadium

For those of you who don’t know, LineLogic is based out of Buffalo, NY. You’re more likely to know about our beloved, sometimes seemingly cursed NFL team, the Buffalo Bills. We love the Bills in Buffalo. And regardless of their record, we almost always fill each of the 73,647 seats in our stadium located in… Read More

TSA Offers $15,000 for Your Security Line Solution

Cash Money

Airports suck. We all know it. They’re crowded, loud, hectic, and most of all, they’re stressful. To make things worse, they’re loaded with various lines. Lines to check baggage, lines to get your tickets, and lines for security. It’s lines on lines on lines. And it’s the last line I mentioned that gets the most… Read More

ABC Investigates Line Rage & the Psychology of Waiting

ABC 20/20 Line Rage Screenshot

We’ve been talking about line psychology for years on the LineLogic blog. We’ve discussed where, why, and how people wait, and most importantly, we’ve discussed how businesses can improve the waiting experience for their customers. Today, we’re back again to talk about the psychology of queueing, as ABC’s 20/20 recently launched a report called “Line Rage:… Read More

Mismanaged Queue Creates Chaos in Shoe Store

Messy Shoe Aisle

I went shopping for some new shoes this weekend. When I arrived at the store, I was shocked by the crowds. It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday, so I kind of figured most people would be outdoors, but that was not the case. Apparently everyone was in need of some soles. Anyhow, as I was… Read More

Make Your Message Loud and Clear with Visiontron Versa-Stand Sign Stands


Communication is a key component of proper crowd management. People who visit your facility don’t want to ask where they are, where they have to go, or what they’re supposed to do upon arrival. That’s your job. Of course having the proper staff is imperative, but you can also successfully communicate with consumers without having extra… Read More